Personalized gifts
unlike any other

Here’s to thoughtful, customized gifts to make and give, or sell and share. From cherished photo books to multi-purpose trade books to customizable journals, these gifts outshine the rest.

The gift to outdo all others

Photo books

From a Mini Square that goes anywhere to a coffee table book that invites you in, photo book gifts are a favorite of friends and family. Turn artful vacation shots into a photo book, commemorate a special event with one, or make a keepsake book to look back on.

The creator’s choice

Trade books

If you’re a creative professional looking to give more of what you make to more people, trade books offer the quality and affordability you’re after. Think children’s books, graphic novels, travel guides, and the like.

The luxe and legendary

Layflat photo books

These top-of-the-line photo book gifts are the ultimate high-end gift and come nestled in their own premium box. We love them for wedding albums, cookbooks, and fine art or nature photography because the spreads lay flat for optimal viewing.

The instant hit

Notebooks and journals

Got 5ish photos and 10ish minutes? Then you’ve got yourself a creative, useful, and highly giftable journal. Mix and match blank, lined, square, and dot grid pages with photos or illustrations.

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Humans After All custom zine, perfect for holiday gift-giving


Greece travel photo book gift


Custom travel photo book gift opened up to show pictures of a person exploring


  • Explore unique and personalized gifts with Blurb
    The perfect gift is unique, meaningful, and tailored to the recipient. Personalized gifts evoke a one-of-a-kind emotional connection that truly shows you know them. This holiday season, break through the over-commercialized clutter with a customized gift from Blurb and explore personalized gift ideas like:

    • Photo books: Turn scenic travel photos into a coffee table book or cherished memories into a family photo album. There's an abundance of photo book ideas worth exploring.
    • Cookbooks and recipe books: Document family-favorite dishes or turn a passion for the culinary arts into a personalized collection of recipes to share with loved ones. Cookbooks and recipe books are wonderful gifts that inspire collaboration in the kitchen.
    • Layflat books: Let the professional feel and striking presentation of layflat spreads inspire your gift choice. Layflat books are best when viewability is a priority.
    • Trade books: Tell a personalized story with a real cast of characters or create a functional guide to support a loved one's interests. Trade books offer the ultimate creative outlet to resonate with recipients in a meaningful way.
    • Personalized journals: Whether for reflection or self-actualization, add meaning to a useful concept by customizing journals and notebooks with your own personalized photos, graphics, and prompts.
    • Children’s books: Make your gift recipient the main character of their own personalized story and take them on an adventure filled with exciting thrills and life lessons. Creativity knows no boundaries when making your own children’s book.
    • Wall art: From photo wall art to canvas decor, there is no shortage of wall art ideas that make for admirable gifts.

    These are just some ideas for personalized gifts you can choose when creating with Blurb. Need additional food for thought? Explore these gift ideas for book lovers

    The process of creating customized gifts is easy
    When creating personalized gifts with Blurb, many options are available throughout the customization and creation process.

    • Begin with your book project’s design and layout. You can use Blurb's free and easy-to-use bookmaking tool, BookWright. Or use Adobe InDesign or Lightroom plugins to design your book.
    • You can design the pages of your book from scratch with a blank template or use customizable templates to help get you started.
    • Customize the fine details of your gift by choosing from different book dimensions, cover formats, and paper types. For stunning photo book gifts, the luxurious paper quality of our Layflat ImageWrap format offers a professional look and feel.
    • Whether you need one or several copies, you can print as many books as you need with Blurb's print-on-demand service. There's no minimum requirement; however, bulk discounts are available with larger orders.
    • Once assembled, the process of printing and binding your book takes about 4-5 business days, then the order ships. Depending on the destination, the estimated delivery time for a book is 7-11 business days after order placement.

    Please keep in mind that expedited printing and production are not available. Shipping times are estimated on top of production times, which can take an additional 1-5 business days, depending on the shipping method selected at checkout and the order's destination. Make sure to submit your order well in advance during the holidays to ensure it arrives on time.

    Personalized gifts for every special moment
    The holidays mark a special time when meaningful gift-giving is an exercise of thoughtfulness and creativity. But personalized gifts can elevate ordinary moments into cherished keepsakes that last a lifetime, making them perfect for any occasion.

    Whether a custom photo book gift or a compilation of love letters, these personalized gift ideas offer heartfelt ways to encapsulate memories and tell stories from various life events. From weddings, where every captured smile can be treasured, to unforgettable travel adventures that transport you back to those beautiful destinations, the possibilities are endless.

    Birthdays become ageless treasures, allowing your recipient to relive joyous times year after year. Photo book gifts can showcase memorable experiences through curated portfolios. Even art enthusiasts can transform their masterpieces into cherished mementos. Personalized gifts have a universal charm, perfect for every life event.

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    In the instance your order arrives damaged with a material manufacturing defect or a material defect in workmanship, you can contact Blurb’s Customer Support team within 30 days of receiving your order, and we'll work with you to produce a replacement copy if necessary. Blurb is not responsible for typos, grammar mistakes, or design issues that may impact the quality of your finished product. In this case, Blurb cannot issue a return.