Aruna Khanzada

London, England, UK


I have a keen eye for detail, a creative mind and artistic flair. These traits combined with a passion for photography, graphics, painting and now writing too have carved a niche for me as an expert in all manner of areas in self publishing.

I was trained and practiced as a criminal barrister for many years and then gave it up for motherhood. With a digital camera, a laptop and time whilst the kids were at school I discovered and my life took on a new dimension! I started off making photo books for myself. Friends and family asked me to do the same for them and encouraged by this I started a business.

When Blurb contacted me and asked if I would consider being the first member of Blurb Nation in the UK I was honoured. Through Blurb Nation connections I discovered a world of people keen to make a book who don’t have the time to do it themselves. So I step in and make it my mission to bring the book to life and go one step further and take it beyond their wildest dreams!

Over the years I have met and made books for professional chefs, restauranteurs, writers, poets, pilots, soldiers, sailors, jewelers, artists, architects, builders, bloggers, bankers, photographers, florists, pet owners, schools - even a classic car collector - the list is endless and the subject matter unique to each person!

More often than not I am approached by clients wanting to give a book as a gift for a milestone anniversary or birthday, a wedding gift, a christening present or a Christmas gift. Those are the ones I so enjoy helping with and the best part is when they email me with the reaction of the recipient (usually tears of joy!).

Very importantly, on this journey, having helped publish well over 200 books since 2007, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in editing, laying out, artwork and illustration. It is knowledge I am bursting to share with others! I believe that this knowledge gained creatively and out of the box makes my stamp on a book unique.

It is a time consuming job and not everyone can afford the luxury of having someone make a book for them. One service I provide, which I thoroughly enjoy is giving tutorials, either one to one or in a group setting, to set people on the easy path to create their own books. There is nothing more rewarding that infecting others with enthusiasm!